About us

A little about us here at frenchaholics 

Here is where I get to tell you why we have chosen to breed and about us.

We want to tell you that it doesn't matter how many times other people tell you how much work goes into breeding dogs, raising puppies and finding homes. Until you have done it, you just don't understand. It is completely time consuming, it really is a full time job. When and if you decide to get a puppy from us, we want you to understand that you are buying more than just a dog, you are buying OUR time, our efforts. We will answer questions, find solutions, and help you make the best decision you can about bringing a new member into your family. We answer our emails, every time, not when it's convenient, YOU are our customer and we will provide the best "customer service" we can. We will be available in three weeks, 6 months, or 10 years when you have a problem or concern about your pup.

While we understand that our babies become your babies, remember we helped bring them into this world, we helped cut the cords and clean them. We spent sleepless nights making sure they were all eating, we helped teach them the things they needed to know to go home. Send us a picture or an email, join us on Facebook and keep us posted about them as they age. Keep us in the loop and please never ever let them end up in shelter.

We are constantly trying to improve our lines and focus on health and temperament above all. 

We understand that it's difficult to find a breeder you can trust and we strongly believe that you should research your breed and your breeder! 

We can provide you with references about our practices and past buyers once you've filled out our puppy questionnaire and sent us an e-mail requesting them. 

Chrissy is open and personable, she'll talk to you for hours about our dogs. She has been working with dogs for over 25 years. She has experience from boarding kennels and breeding to grooming. She spends all of her "free time" researching stuff for our dogs and trying to learn and grow as a breeder.

She's the back-bone here at Frenchaholics's and all of her time is spent with our dogs. If you have questions for her or want to know about her you'll have to shoot her an e-mail or text! 


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